Weed Delivery Saskatchewan, Canada

Weed Delivery Saskatchewan, Canada

Delivering Mail Order Marijuana to Saskatchewan, Canada


The province has more than 1 million residents and the lowest per-capita consumption of cannabis of any province in Canada. As such, Saskatchewan has many restrictions and a culture that prefers to keep cannabis behind closed doors. According to one survey before legalization, a vast majority of the general population (88%) prefer that people do not smoke cannabis in public spaces and that the rules follow those of cigarette smoking.

Municipalities are allowed to add restrictions like buffer zones, and major population centres like Regina and Saskatoon have enacted these in the years since legalization. Several communities have opted out of allowing the sale of recreational cannabis altogether, and the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Polytechnic system have banned its use.

Mail order marijuana (MOM) services are essential for Saskatchewan residents looking to exercise their rights and enjoy the full range of cannabis options available in Canada. If you’re in a community where local municipal law will not allow the sale of weed, turn to THC Collection for everything you could ever want!

Saskatchewan has a reputation for being flat and full of grain, but as the locals know, there’s so much more to the province once you learn where to look. Take the natural features, which are commemorated right in the province’s name: Saskatchewan comes from the Cree Kisiskatchewanisipi, meaning “the river that flows swiftly.” On top of its namesake river, there are 100,000 lakes scattered across the province, many of which are great for canoeing, fishing, and swimming.

It’s also Canada’s sunniest province! The clear blue skies are perfect for enjoying Prince Albert National Park, a gently undulating landscape of spruce bogs, large lakes, and aspen-dotted uplands. The park is a hot spot for watching unique wildlife, including the country’s second-largest colony of white pelicans at Lavallée Lake. You can also catch moose, wolves, black bears, fox, lynx, caribou, eagles, and a roaming herd of Sturgeon River plains bison (make sure to keep your distance!).

For anyone traveling through the province on the Trans-Canada Highway, make sure to take a few side routes off the paved pathway. You’ll find spots both north and south of the highway perfect for camping and enjoying your favourite strain before some rest. Moose Mountain Provincial Park, Qu’Appelle Valley, and Cypress Hills Provincial Park offer many opportunities to swim, fish, and hike.

Of course, no one should discount the urban attractions of Saskatchewan, either! Saskatoon and the provincial capital, Regina, are beautiful and charming cities. You’ll find it fun to wander about and discover all that these places have to offer. Be sure to catch the spectacle of a Roughriders game! Of course, when it’s time to satisfy the munchies, try an all-dressed pie from Houston Pizza or a Nashville hot chicken sandwich from Beaks Chicken.

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