Buying Guide — Should You Buy Wholesale Diamond Concentrates?

As a cannabis dispensary owner or an operator of an eCommerce weed store, there’s a lot of important stuff you should know before deciding to buy wholesale diamond concentrates in Canada this year. You need to consider the current landscape of the Canadian cannabis industry as a whole. And it would be best if you also determined how specific trends today are affecting the behavior of your target local niche communities.


But as a retail buyer of diamond concentrates, there are certain things you should keep in mind. One is the minimum order size of sellers that offer bulk diamond concentrates. It might be too much for you or even your peers as a group. And since you have half a year or so before your diamond concentrates lose their freshness with standard storage equipment, most of it might go to waste or at least be less enjoyable when you consume it.


So for this guide, we decided to focus on cannabis dispensary owners, eCommerce weed store operators, Web affiliates and niche marijuana content publishers. And among the most crucial things to keep in mind, mainly if you belong in any of the first two groups mentioned above, is to always buy wholesale diamond concentrates in Canada today from certified brands and producers. Otherwise, you’ll be fending off lawsuits left and right. Now that’s why a crucial requirement is to make sure that you’re buying safe products that won’t cause any harm to your customers, especially because we’re dealing with diamond distillate products.


2022 Buying Guide for Bulk Diamond Concentrates in Canada

And once that’s nicely squirreled away, you again need to consider the overall quality of the products you want to sell on your diamond concentrates website. But it would be best if you did this from the perspective of your buyers. Remember, no two Canadians are created equal. And of course, it’s the same thing when it comes to brands and products in the Canadian cannabis industry. That’s the case even for bulk dab pens and the like.


With that said, another vital factor to consider is price, even if you’re looking for diamond extracts pens in bulk. It goes both ways, you see. How much you get, for example, distillate pens in bulk, will affect the price that you’ll be offering to your end customers. For example, this is where to buy vape pens in Canada today.


And here in our 2022 guide, we intend to make things a bit simpler for you. Our objective is for you to make a more informed, straightforward decision whether or not to buy wholesale diamond concentrates in Canada today. And in case you take the affirmative, then the stuff we prepared below will assist you in the entire process. So let’s start!


The first step is to understand what you’re selling clearly. The second is to ensure that it’s precisely what your target Canadian customers want. The third is to make sure that you’re offering a quick and enjoyable experience while your customers are dealing with your business, whether your cannabis dispensary or your eCommerce weed store. And fourth is to, of course, make sure that they know where to find your shop and the quickest, most convenient ways for them to talk to you. And now, let’s take these steps one at a time.


What Are Diamond Concentrates?

Simply put, these products are derived from cannabis plants. Some diamond concentrates are extracted from hemp, a breed of cannabis. Meanwhile, others are derived from another breed of cannabis called marijuana.


Hemp vs Marijuana — What’s the Difference?

The most salient difference between hemp and marijuana is its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. The former contains no more than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, the latter has more than 0.3% THC. And because hemp has smaller THC concentrations, it also has a little bit higher content for other compounds like CBD (cannabidiol), terpenes and others.


THCA vs THC — What’s the Difference?

THCA Diamond is another term used when referring to these diamond concentrates. That’s because products like diamond distillates concentrate and extracts often contain tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). So what’s the difference between THCA and THC?


THCA is a cannabinoid acid. Meanwhile, THC is a cannabinoid. That’s the simplest, most straightforward difference between these two compounds. And remember, cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds in hemp and marijuana plants.


Can THCA Make You High?

But the essential difference between THCA and THC, for scientific and medical communities in Canada and worldwide today, is its effects on people and animals when consumed. In this report, they say THCA, in its raw form, produces non-intoxicating effects that are pretty similar to the effects of CBD, another naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants.


On the other hand, THC is known for its psychoactive, highly intoxicating effects on people and animals. These are primarily mind-high effects, including cerebral elevation, deep introspection and giggles. However, some feel high body effects, including increased appetite and sleepiness.


Also, THCA is an inactive compound found in the trichomes of a living hemp or marijuana plant. And its inactive state contributes to the absence of psychoactive or intoxicating effects on people and animals. But take note that upon heating THCA, a cannabolic conversion happens, which increases the potency of THCA in terms of producing psychoactive and intoxicating effects. And that’s because THCA becomes THC when exposed to sufficient heat.


Meanwhile, THC is an active compound found mainly in the mature buds or flowers of a cannabis plant. And its active state is said to contribute to its effects on people and animals when ingested. This means it doesn’t need to be heated up for you to feel these effects.


Are Diamond Concentrates Safe?

As long as it goes through scientifically certified production processes and uses cannabis plants grown with organic, non-toxic fertilizers and pesticides, then yes. Diamond concentrates in Canada from brands and growers that strictly enforce these standards and practices are considered safe. An example of a highly recommended premium product is this diamond concentrates disposable (distillate) – London Pound Cake (1g).


How Are Diamond Concentrates Made?

The closed-loop system is the industry standard for producing diamond distillates in Canada. This is also the case for the rest of the world, particularly throughout regions where the production and use of cannabis-derived and infused products have been legalized and are currently regulated.


This process requires food-grade solvents like alcohol and freshly harvested buds and leaves of cannabis plants. A straining mechanism is also needed to isolate the liquid solution from solid plant materials. And once that’s done, a tool to heat the solution, such as a vacuum oven, is used until the solvent is purged from the liquid solution.


Meanwhile, there’s another process called the crystalline method. This is where other cannabis-derived concentrates and extracts like sauce are used. It’s mixed with a solution that contains a food-grade solvent like alcohol. This is then heated until the liquid evaporates, allowing crystallines to form from what’s left of the solution.


How Much is a Gram of THCA Diamonds in Canada Today?

As of this writing, premium quality THCA diamonds go for $40 to $60 per gram. This is in regions of the country where THC is legal and regulated.


Are THCA Diamonds Strong?

Many premium brands and producers of diamond concentrate in Canada this year are targeting Canadians who prefer cannabis products with strong psychoactive effects. Meanwhile, some produce premium diamond concentrates with less THCA content and more CBD and terpene concentrations. They’re targeting Canadians who prefer to use these products for their potential physical relaxation and pain relief benefits.


So we’re now at a point where you should know exactly which market you want to serve before you buy these products, such as bulk dab pens and refills for diamond concentrates. This way, you’ll be able to identify the most suitable wholesale diamond concentrate deals out there today.


How to Choose a Niche Market in the Canadian Cannabis Industry This Year?

This boils down to the resources you’re willing to invest in your cannabis dispensary or diamond concentrates website. That’s because even if you want to serve the high demand of millions of Canadians for diamond concentrates, you need to verify if you have the time, energy and money to do that.


And that’s precisely why we advise you to niche down on a particular group or community of Canadians in your local area. For example, you can serve 20 to 45-year old male and female athletes with intermediate experience in smoking weed, concentrates, extracts and diamond distillate products. With the proper market research, you’ll be able to determine whether or not they prefer lower potency diamond concentrates with higher CBD concentrations for potential physical relaxation and pain relief benefits, such as CBD’s possible health and fitness advantages based on the results of the clinical trials mentioned in this report by a group of publishers in Harvard University (USA).


Meanwhile, we recommend using keyword tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for your niche market research activities. This way, you’ll know what kind of diamond concentrates in Canada and the content that your target audience is looking for on the Web today. You’re also advised to take a closer look at Web applications with regularly updated lists of trending news about particular topics across social media networks that are most popular in your target niche communities, such as BuzzSumo and the like. This way, you’ll know what they’re talking about, the viral stories that are currently captivating their attention and where to place your promotional stuff for your diamond concentrate products in your cannabis dispensary or eCommerce weed store.


So by knowing which niche market of local customers you want to sell diamond concentrates, diamond distillate products and other stuff, you’ll be able to identify the best wholesale deals in the country today. That’s because you already know what your ideal buyers are looking for. And this, in turn, enables you to create a shortlist of wholesale sellers that offer the most suitable diamond concentrates in Canada for the preferences and budgets of your target niche customer markets.


Now at this point, we need to talk about developing the most effective sales pipeline for your cannabis dispensary and eCommerce weed store. This is also called a sales funnel, as it involves sending your ideal prospects to a funnel and ensuring that they don’t have a bumpy ride along the way. So let’s start!


Designing the Diamond Distillate Sales Funnel of Your Cannabis Store

The first step is competitor analytics. Remember, you already know your ideal customers, including the price points that they’re willing to spend for the value they want to get from these products. You also know what kind of diamond concentrates they’re looking for today in Canada. And also the relevant niche content topics that they’re interested in at the moment. So with this information, you’ll be able to identify the top competitors trying to serve them with what they want.


And once you create a shortlist of brands, cannabis dispensaries, eCommerce weed stores and niche marijuana content websites, you can identify the stuff that they’re doing right, along with what they’re doing badly. This, in turn, allows you to prune your shortlisted wholesale diamond concentrate dealers.


For example, let’s say you notice that many of your ideal customers are looking for diamond concentrate vape pens and vaporizers at the moment. But only a few cannabis dispensaries and eCommerce weed stores offer these products. Instead, they have the diamond concentrates that these buyers want.


So in this sample scenario, what you can do is trim your shortlist down to sellers of wholesale diamond concentrates in Canada that also offer discounted deals if you purchase their diamond extracts pens in bulk. And by getting bulk dab pens from the same dealer where you intend to buy wholesale diamond concentrates, you’re likely to get these products at much better prices.


More so, you’ll be able to streamline your sales funnel for your target customers. They’ll get a much better experience when dealing with your cannabis dispensary or eCommerce weed store. That’s because they’ll get the diamond concentrates that they want from your business, along with the dab or vape pens and vaporizers that they’re looking for, without the hassle of going to another store to get it there. Plus, you’ll be earning from more sales in the process because you’ll be able to sell more products per customer.


And that’s the second step for optimizing your sales funnel for your diamond concentrates website, cannabis dispensary and eCommerce weed store. This is called an upsell strategy where you pitch other products that can enhance their experience using the products they went to your shop for.


Meanwhile, the third step is to ensure that your first-time customers can trust your business, that your existing customers become repeat buyers, and that many of the visitors of your cannabis dispensary and digital properties will be happy to talk about your business. So how do you do these things? We’ll be talking about that in much deeper detail below.


Promoting Your Diamond Concentrates Website and Cannabis Dispensary

Because major Web advertising networks like Google, Youtube and Facebook don’t allow cannabis-related ads as of this writing, you need unique digital marketing ideas. And that’s also the case for more traditional promotional channels like TV, radio and print across the country today.


So without these Web advertising and traditional channels, how exactly can you inform your ideal local customers that your diamond concentrates website exists? How can you captivate their attention with enticing content? How can you compel them to respond to your call to action positively?


Because you already know what they want at this point, you can develop your content in ways that can pacify their most pressing concerns and satisfy their most immediate needs. And since you know what they’re searching for in Google when it comes to topics relevant to diamond concentrates in Canada this year, then you can design your content in ways that’ll rank your digital properties in Google for those search terms.


And also, because you know where they hang out on the Web to access and talk about relevant stuff, you can publish press releases about newsworthy stories related to your diamond distillate products, concentrates, extracts, dab pens, vaporizers and the like. Plus, you can mingle with them in the social media communities where they spend time, all while positioning your brand across those networks as a friendly expert resource of helpful content.


Of course, keep track of the performance of your promotional campaigns on the Web. And implement strategies that can enable you to convert your existing customers into repeat buyers and for everybody that spends time in your cannabis dispensary and your eCommerce weed store and niche content sites into viral word-of-mouth affiliates of your business. Then, study the results of your campaigns so you can generate ways to improve what you’re doing.


And that’s how you decide as a cannabis dispensary owner, an eCommerce weed store operator, a hemp Web affiliate or a niche marijuana content publisher whether or not to buy wholesale diamond concentrates in Canada this 2022. Or if it’s best to sign up as an affiliate of which merchant. Or to promote the products of which brand so you can earn profits as a content publisher. And by following the things described in detail earlier, you’ll be able to find the best deals out there today that are most suitable for your ideal customers and viewers.