Everything You Should Know About The Cannabis Live Resin

Cannabis products come in various forms, shapes, colours, aroma, and flavours. This wide selection provides consumers with the benefit of choosing the best formulation that exactly suits their preferences and needs. But you know what? It’s usually overwhelming to find the perfect item because each one has unique characteristics and strengths to offer. It would be best to decide based on what you know about your choices.

The popular options you have today include cannabis oils, wax, concentrates, edibles, and gummies. But there’s more. Have you heard of cannabis live resin? This one might not always get the attention of some consumers, but it’s one of the unique and potent cannabis variations. The product is known for preserving the aroma, flavour, and other natural characteristics of cannabis plants.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? You get to experience cannabis in its raw form, but it has been processed to satisfy customers’ unique preferences. Well, seldom can you find such a product formulation these days. More commonly, you’ll see cannabis products that are already devoid of the original qualities of their hemp source.

To know whether cannabis live resin is best for you, you must study the facts. You should mainly focus on discovering how it differs from other cannabis products in the market today. Once you’re convinced, you might begin exploring the best brands that offer several benefits. 

What is Cannabis Live Resin?

Live resin is a popular cannabis concentrate deriving its name from a fresh cannabis plant. It is produced by freezing the harvested cannabis to a subcritical temperature before and throughout the extraction process without drying and curing procedures.

The weed materials generally used for creating live resins include fresh flower buds and sugar leaves. Most desirable cannabis compounds are retained and preserved through the flash-freezing process. As such, it offers a more flavorful and aromatic cannabis experience. 

Cannabis live resin is often associated with high-quality and flavorful concentrates. Its extraction processes bypass the typical drying and curing stage, allowing for a more significant proportion of essential oils. These essential oils, also called terpenes, are the compounds responsible for the distinctive flavours and aromas in weed and the final extraction product. 

Appearance and Effects of Live Resin

There’s a variety of cannabis live resin in the market today. Today, one of the best brands is our Live Resin – Northern Lights (1G) -INDICA. But generally, the type of cultivar or strain used for this concentrate affects the extract’s chemical and physical characteristics. The product is often described by its textures or consistencies – some are hard and brittle, while others are waxy and look like sauce.

Essentially, live resin is a more malleable concentrate, sitting somewhere between a wax and a sauce and not quite a taffy nor too wet. You can usually see this product in a dark yellow colour and extremely sticky when touched. When it comes to potency, it has a potent THC concentration. That’s why consumers who want to get high love it. 

Cannabis live resin is also known for its effects on certain medical conditions. Many consumers have experienced great relief from stress, pain, nausea, and inflammation, among others. The substance has anti-inflammatory properties that are good for muscle and joint pains. If you want to relax your mind and body, cannabis live resin can also guarantee that. Plus, you’ll also experience a boost of creativity and motivation. 

How to Consume Cannabis Live Resin

There are specific methods of consuming live resin. You have to choose one that’s more comfortable for you and can offer desirable effects. If this is your first time, perhaps you’ll find it best to read consumer reviews. Here are the two popular choices today: 


If you prefer to inhale a vaporized cannabis live resin, vaping is the best way to do it. You can now use vape pens that are designed for concentrates. Make sure that you use a dabber tool to get the live resin into the oven or bowl of the device. Then adjust the temperature, press the button, and start inhaling until you feel the effects.


This method is very popular for consuming cannabis live resin. You’ll need a dab rig, a dab tool, and a torch or lighter to get started. Once the equipment is ready, heat the rig’s nail and wait until it turns red hot. When it reaches this point, scoop a dab of live resin onto the dab tool. After about 30 seconds, place the dab in the nail using the tool and inhale the substance. It may yield ideal flavours and scents compared with other methods. But you have to control dosing because it can be highly potent. 

What’s the Right Dosage for Live Resin? 

Cannabis products have varying levels of cannabinoid (CBD), but when it comes to THC, there’s usually a limit (0.3%) prescribed by law. You have to check the product label to know this information and the applicable laws in your area. This is crucial as it will affect the potency that you will experience.

The higher the level of CBD, the more therapeutic effects you’ll experience. You’ll often find the range of this substance between 70-80%, but some products have even higher levels. On the other hand, the higher levels of THC, the more psychoactive the live resin is, causing euphoric feelings and sensation. 

Health Benefits of Cannabis Live Resin

Like other cannabis products, live resin also has excellent medical and therapeutic benefits. These are particularly life-changing among people with certain ailments and who look for a practical remedy. With few dabs, many consumers have reported significant relief from tension and experienced waves of euphoria.

Others had clearer thoughts and a boost of happiness after consuming cannabis live resin. Unquestionably, these accounts from real people prove that the product provides ideal mind and body relaxation throughout the day.

Let’s break down each health benefit that you can enjoy from using cannabis live resin: 


Regardless of personal circumstances, each person confronts stress daily. Whether at home, at work, or anywhere, it seems inescapable. But that can be managed and still enjoy life. Otherwise, you might need to take cannabis live resin to combat stress. One study revealed that a significant CBD and THC interaction could reduce stress levels and provide instant relief. 


Whatever the cause of your anxiety, you should not let this feeling bother you and not let you sleep and perform daily chores efficiently. You deserve the peace of mind, but this can be too expensive for some people. If you don’t get relief from walking and other forms of mental relaxation, then the quick remedy is trying cannabis live resin. Both CBD and THC have shown potency in relieving anxiety among many consumers. 


Nerve pain, back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, and what else? You might have experienced one of these bothersome problems before. Or perhaps you are prone to having them due to your laborious or monotonous duties at work. Sometimes it’s not that serious about consulting a doctor about it, and taking cannabis live resin might be enough. Yeah, that’s true. You can also get relief from the analgesic properties that cannabinoids are believed to have. There’s anecdotal evidence for that. 


Insomnia and other sleep problems are also common these days. Without proper treatment, it can affect personal life and work productivity. Seriously, you cannot function well if you don’t get enough sleep – quality sleep. Gladly, you can address the problem by using cannabis live resin that has therapeutic effects, soothing the mind and body. It can induce sleep and make you feel more relaxed. 

Substance Abuse

Many people struggle with substance abuse or addiction that sometimes quitting seems impossible. This can take a toll on overall health and personal life. It would be best if you acted immediately before this ever happens to you and you face irreversible consequences. One option is to take cannabis live resin with several therapeutic properties that can be useful for treating addiction disorders. Its CBD content is said to have a protective effect on stress vulnerability and neurotoxicity. 


Millions of people suffer from depression globally. Some of these people even have maintenance medications. In worst cases, people commit suicide. This is a dire medical condition. If you develop this illness one day, you might consider taking a cannabis live strain. This product contains CBD and THC that have shown potency in managing depressive symptoms. It can boost a positive mood and make you feel more alive, too. 

Possible Side Effects of Cannabis Live Resin

Cannabis live resin can be highly potent for some consumers, mainly when proper dosing is not observed. This can potentially have side effects, such as heightened anxiety and discomfort. It can also happen as their system is not used to THC yet. Besides higher anxiety levels, adverse reactions may also cause stomach upset, dry mouth, panicked feelings, and shakiness.

If you experience any of such side effects, you need to drink enough water, eat some foods, or even take a shower. These remedies may help you get back to sanity and realize that you’ve probably taken a higher amount of substance than you can manage. 

How to Store Cannabis Live Resin 

Heat, light, moisture, and open-air can affect the quality and potency of the cannabis live resin. To protect the substance and preserve its natural qualities, you need to place the product in an airtight and lightproof container. This will help maintain its texture and consistency, prevent cannabinoids from degradation, and keep terpenes from evaporation.

If you’re looking for containers to store live resin, choose the one made of glass or silicone. Once your product is in the protective container, make sure you store it in a cool environment because light and temperature can speed up the breakdown of the resin. After use, close the live resin container securely because leaving it out in the open can affect its potency, texture, and taste. 

Cannabis Live Resin versus Other Concentrates

Unlike other cannabis concentrates, live resin offers several benefits in aroma, flavour, and potency. The qualities of a raw weed plant are preserved because the live resin has not undergone the drying and curing process, allowing you to experience the purity of the substance. It also has a nice and tasty appearance and can be consumed using simple dabbing and vaping. Choosing this product over other CBD varieties might be a more practical choice.

Although it’s relatively new to the cannabis industry, it is at par with other weed concentrates and extracts in terms of health benefits. This product has become popular among producers and consumers alike. Live resin has a more complex terpene profile and can deliver a more complicated experience, making the substance highly desirable.

Where to Buy the Best Cannabis Live Resin? 

Choosing the best brand of cannabis live resin is one thing, while finding a reputable source is another. As a consumer, you need to explore your options and do enough research before purchasing. It’s essential to ensure that you’re buying the right product and from the right store. You have to set your standards accordingly, taking into account the quality, potency, and cost of items.

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