Mary’s 1000mg Bar – Product Review

CBD gummies are designed to give you all the essential organic health benefits from hemp plants and their naturally occurring cannabidiol compounds. CBD gummies are different from other CBD products because they’re so easy to consume and won’t leave some bitter aftertaste like CBD tincture oils.

But just like the most widely used CBD oils in Canada this year, these gummies come in a wide variety of concentrations and potencies. Plus, they’re filled with high-quality CBD that you can expect from the other top products in the country today.

Sometimes, the wide array of fruit flavours that come with CBD gummies can distract you from learning about its nutrients. The average CBD gummy contains CBD, colouring agents, sugars and 0 to very minimal trace amounts of THC. Also, you can buy CBD gummies in various fun forms and tasty flavours, including but not limited to the following options:

  • Sour Bears
  • Gummy Bears
  • Sour Worms
  • Fruit Slices
  • Fruity Shapes

All About Mary’s 1000mg Bar

Mary’s 1000mg bar, a product made by Mary’s Edibles, is this licensed producer’s most popular and potent product sold as of this writing. There’s an increasing demand for CBD gummies and THC gummies, and Mary’s Edibles wanted to supply this demand with a top-quality product when they started creating their 1000mg Bar line.

As its name implies, this product is infused with 1000mg of THC. And it’s made from naturally occurring compounds in both cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa strains of marijuana. If the size of this gummy overwhelms you, then many of the Canadian CBD lovers we talked to say they just split it into four portions for easy chewing and a high that’s more suited to their liking. But of course, you’re also free to take this product without changing anything.

Moving on, there’s a reason why lots of weed and CBD lovers in Canada today prefer to call this product “Ludicrous Strength.” And that’s mainly because it promotes the strong high they want, which also lasts a little longer than other similar products in the country’s CBD market today.

The essential ingredients of this product include gelatin, citric acid, cannabis Sativa or cannabis indica compounds, artificial flavours and sugar. Meanwhile, our tests indicate that its effects usually kick in around 60 to 90 minutes after consumption. As mentioned earlier, you’re also free to adjust your dose in case the effects you feel get too overwhelming or if you’re taking this product for the first time.

What is CBD?

Today, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, continues to grow in popularity all around the country rapidly. More Canadians are starting to learn about its benefits. To expound a bit further about CBD in this context, it’s a type of all-natural treatment used today to treat and manage a wide variety of physiological issues potentially. Lots of modern research studies suggest that CBD can treat chronic pain, manage symptoms of certain cancers, help you relax and fall asleep faster, reduce anxiety and depression, as well as a host of other health benefits. And because CBD tincture oils might taste bitter and not be pleasing to the palate of specific individuals, a safe alternative is to ingest CBD through candies and gummies. 

CBD is a compound that comes from hemp, a group of plants under the cannabis flora family. But hemp derivatives aren’t known to cause psychoactive effects similar to marijuana, another group of plants under the same cannabis flora family. This is mainly attributed to the absence or very minimal trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in hemp-derived products today. This means CBD can provide you with pain, stress, and fatigue-relieving benefits, but that’s commonly associated with marijuana-derived products without the high.

Meanwhile, the most common forms of CBD are oils, tinctures and vape products. However, CBD gummies and other edibles are also rapidly growing in popularity all around Canada. Some say this is because each gummy pack already contains options for different recommended doses of CBD. Plus, as mentioned, CBD gummies come in several flavours. This means you can take it like you would with candy. 

Since CBD gummies come in a large variety of options, it’s pretty challenging to find the right formula that suits your needs. So if you’re new to CBD products like these CBD gummies, the stuff discussed here can help you determine which gummy can address your health concerns.

How to Choose the Best CBD Gummies in Canada This 2022?

When selecting the CBD gummy of your choice, it’s essential to look for the following:

  • A certificate of analysis (COA) – CBD gummies that contain a COA on their packaging or in the formula means the product has just the proper dosage of CBD that their manufacturer claims. This is because a COA will usually determine just how much THC, CBD, or other marijuana compounds the gummies typically contain. This will give you an idea of how many gummies you should take every day and how potent they are. The packaging should also inform you about the number of microbes, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals, if any, are found in the product. And for the sake of quality assurance, COAs have to be issued by a government-licensed third party without any connection to the manufacturer in any way. 
  • For the best types of CBD gummies, it always helps to pick a locally grown product. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that may contain 0 to very minimal trace amounts of THC (0.3 percent is set as the legal limit per 1000mg pack in Canada as of this writing). This effectively limits the psychoactive effects of these products in an individual at any given time. Also, certain local manufacturers import hemp strains from Europe, which are generally known to be at higher levels of quality than ones grown in North American countries. But also keep in mind the soil in American and Canadian farms is known to be better when it comes to growing marijuana plants. 
  • Always pick a CBD gummy brand that’s crafted from organically-grown hemp. This means there shouldn’t be any chemicals used to grow and process it. Your gummy would likely be much healthier, and you won’t have to worry too much about foreign chemicals and toxins finding their way into your body.

Do CBD Gummies Come with Health Benefits?

What’s great about CBD gummies is that they’re a discreet and simple way for you to enjoy their benefits. Hundreds of effective marketing campaigns of local manufacturers today mean that the popularity of these products is likely to continue rising each year, especially among Canadian CBD lovers.

CBD products, including gummies, particularly ones that come from hemp and only have no more than 0.3 percent THC, are considered legal on a federal level. But some parts of Canada still prohibit the use and distribution of CBD products for medical, commercial, educational research and recreational applications. 

Meanwhile, marijuana-derived gummies are illegal in some parts of the country as of this writing. But similar to CBD products, many regions in Canada today allow its medical, educational research, commercial and recreational use and distribution. So if you’re planning to purchase, take or sell CBD products, then you’re recommended to check your state laws first.

What Types of CBD Gummies Are Available in Canada Today?

Similar to other CBD products like tinctures, there are three types of CBD gummies that you can get all around the country this 2022. The first one is CBD Isolate – A product that strictly contains CBD, with 0 trace amounts of THC. This is a highly recommended option for those who are only about to try CBD products for the first time since it lets them determine if CBD can treat any of their ailments without the presence of other cannabinoids. 

The second type is called Broad Spectrum CBD. These products include CBD and a handful of other cannabinoids, such as CBN and CBC. Like CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD products usually don’t contain any THC – Although this will all depend on the manufacturer. There are still some Broad Spectrum CBD products with just a tiny bit of THC in them. 

And lastly, there’s Full Spectrum CBD. It’s pretty similar to a Broad Spectrum CBD product, except all Full Spectrum CBD products now contain no more than 0.3 percent THC, as mandated by federal law. Some Canadians we interviewed over the past several months say they feel solid psychoactive effects after consuming more than the usual dose of CBD edibles.

What to Watch Out For When Purchasing CBD Gummies

As mentioned, CBD edibles have been predicted to eclipse smoking and vaping as the most popular way to ingest CBD. If you pay attention to the sites that sell CBD products, then there’s a reasonable chance that their stock of CBD gummies will soon be available in large quantities. However, not all CBD gummies are made equal. So what kind of ingredients should you look for?

Even though many CBD gummies in today’s Canadian market are made from high-quality ingredients, some of these gummies also contain minimal amounts of artificial flavours. The best CBD edibles are made from all-natural ingredients. We advise you to check out other products in our 2022 top selections in Canada to determine which suits you best. 

But how exactly are CBD gummies made? Well, CBD can be formed into crystals, which, in turn, can be dissolved and made into CBD edibles. Because CBD can come in many forms, some of these manufacturing companies can throw in some drops of CBD oil into a regular gummy candy recipe. This allows for a wide array of choices regarding the gummies’ shape, texture and ingredients used. 

For instance, Pectin, a common ingredient in regular gummy candy, provides CBD gummies with various textures. And other ingredients for a gummy recipe include oils, sweeteners and flavourings. A lot of CBD gummies contain these ingredients, each with varying factors. However, the manufacturer can also use a different ingredient as a substitute. 

If you’re a CBD manufacturer, or if you’re skilled enough to make some CBD gummies at home, then you can add a couple of ingredients into your CBD gummy recipes. You might already know these ingredients, while others will seem unfamiliar to you. So let’s take a closer look at its main ingredients first. 

  • A required ingredient is CBD. The most likely reason for purchasing these products is their CBD content. And there are 3 CBD types that you’re advised to learn about before buying a pack of CBD gummies. As discussed earlier, they are CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum, and Broad Spectrum. You must know which type of CBD you want to try out before buying from any of your shortlisted Canadian stores. 
  • Sugar is a common ingredient in gummies, as it is supposed to mimic the sweetness of regular candy. It’s also an all-natural ingredient. Sugar can be acquired from a variety of sources. But many CBD gummy manufacturers use organic cane sugar or all-natural sweetness coming from fruits. Some even use honey. But the downside here is that sugar can change into fat when ingested in the body, and too much fat is never good. 
  • High-fructose Corn Syrup is also added in most gummies. The reason why CBD gummy manufacturers use this as an ingredient of their CBD products, despite it being quite sweet and unhealthy, is because it’s inexpensive, and you can purchase it anywhere. But not to worry – Not all CBD gummies carry this ingredient, and some manufacturers have chosen to skip adding this ingredient altogether. 
  • Citric Acid. Many companies use this in their CBD gummies to make the flavours stand out more. This is also all-natural and can be found in most fruits, safe to use. 
  • Malic Acid. If you want your CBD gummies to have a bit of a zing to them, this is an ingredient to use. Malic acid is responsible for making candies sour. It is found in sour fruits such as limes, lemons, and grapefruit. Just like citric acid, this is also a safe ingredient. 
  • Gelatin is an ingredient found in all gummies, both CBD and non-CBD. It’s what gives gummies their signature texture and chewy consistency. You can get gelatin from both plants and animals. If the CBD gummies you purchase are also suitable for vegans, this confirms that their gelatin is plant-based. If not, then it comes from animals. 
  • Other healthy ingredients used in CBD gummies include terpenes from hemp or marijuana, coconut oil, organic tapioca syrup (filled with lots of fibre) and fibre itself. 
  • Meanwhile, common ingredients used for CBD gummies are sucralose, artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Are CBD Gummies Better Than CBD Tincture Oils?

If you don’t like the bitter taste of CBD tincture oils, even after you stir them into your favourite drink or food, then gummies are a great option. You can discreetly carry it with you wherever you go, and people won’t question you when you pop one into your mouth. Eating CBD gummies regularly can remove all the stress and anxiety you experience throughout the day.

Do THC Gummies Exist?

Yes. They do. You can find a vast supply of Delta 9 THC gummies in areas around Canada where it’s allowed to produce, distribute, possess and use them. Many THC gummies work similarly to CBD gummies, containing plenty of cannabinoids. There are even THC gummies that are practically the opposite of CBD-infused gummies: That is, a full-on THC gummy containing only 15mg of CBD in it. Many THC gummies contain lots of cannabinoids that can get you high. These include Delta 8 THC, CBN, and the lesser-known cannabinoids like CBDV, CBC, THCV, CBN, and CBG. The marijuana used for making Delta-9 THC gummies usually come from Washington, Colorado, and Oregon – Or any American or Canadian state in which the plant is considered legal. 

Most of the best THC gummies sport a robust taste, just like CBD gummies do, so they come in various flavours to pick from. You’ll also start feeling the Entourage Effect after ingesting a THC gummy, which is said to be an essential aspect in achieving relief connected to stress and physical pain.

Reaction to CBD and THC gummies will all depend on the individual who takes them. These include environment, tolerance, dose and current physiological condition. THC gummies can help you combat daytime fatigue and physical discomfort and allow you to focus on your daily tasks in a smaller dose. They also work as stimulants and keep you energized. This could be excellent during the daytime when it’s too early to go to sleep, but we are still looking for a way to relax. Taking at least 10mg of a Delta- 9 THC gummy, such as Sugar Wax –Rockstar (1G), will allow you to feel those strong psychoactive effects. Meanwhile, the effects of consuming a more significant dose of Delta-9 THC gummy might be stimulating at first, but once it starts wearing off, you’ll start feeling a bit fatigued, not to mention drowsy.

Are Hemp Gummies Better Than CBD Gummies?

Hemp is now considered to be the next crop to watch, despite the controversy it carries. CBD comes mostly from hemp, and thanks to the benefits of CBD gummies and other products, it has since taken the world by storm. Hemp has been valued for its nutritional content for so many years now. But the difference is that our ancestors didn’t exactly have access to some of the best CBD products you can purchase in Canada’s cannabis market today, like CBD gummies or hemp gummies.

And even though you can pretty much use these two names interchangeably, hemp gummies and CBD gummies aren’t the same things. They do come from the same source, but there’s a unique phytochemical profile that goes with each one, thus giving you different effects after ingesting them. 

So now let’s clear the confusion around the difference between CBD gummies from hemp gummies – Essentially, in terms of their respective health benefits, list of ingredients, and where to purchase them. 

Perhaps the most significant difference between hemp gummies vs. CBD gummies is their active ingredient. CBD gummies contain CBD, also known as cannabidiol. You can find this active compound inside mature hemp plants. Physically, they are located on the hemp flower’s surface, coated with trichomes, a crystallized resin gland. These trichomes are broken up when the hemp plant is extracted and changed into a cannabinoid-rich oily liquid. This later becomes CBD tincture oil.

The manufacturer then places the raw CBD oil inside a gummy candy base, which comprises the plant-based gelatin mentioned above or animal-based gelatin. You can choose between fruit pectin and agar. The gummies are then formed into different shapes and added flavours. The typical CBD gummy is sweet, sports some fruit juice flavour, and is loaded with organic cane sugar and concentrates.

Depending on the extract you use, CBD gummies can either be Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or CBD Isolate. Meanwhile, hemp gummies have a different extract – Hemp seed oil. This type of oil comes from the seeds of hemp plants. Contrary to CBD, which comes from marijuana flowers, hemp seeds do not contain any cannabinoids whatsoever. This means no relaxing CBD or no high-inducing THC.

Hemp seed oil is also extracted differently – CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant using a combination of ethanol or CO2. In contrast, the hemp seed oil is crafted using a cold-press extraction tool. 

Hemp gummies won’t cause you to feel relaxed like CBD gummies do, but the addition of hemp seed oil makes them a great option if you want to find a way to ingest the benefits of hemp, such as vitamins and fatty acids. You can also purchase hemp gummies everywhere, in practically any health and wellness store. Meanwhile, CBD gummies can only be bought from online CBD stores, pharmacies, vape stores and marijuana dispensaries. CBD products aren’t allowed on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, so that you won’t find any there. Take note, though, that some CBD gummy vendors often do it to sell CBD gummies disguised as hemp gummies.

Are CBD Gummies Considered Potent?

To determine how effective CBD gummies are in solving your physical or mental issues, you have to know first just how much CBD is found inside the gummy. If you’re still exploring the world of CBD products and want to try them out for the first time, then it’s always good to start with a lower dosage first. As your body gets used to CBD, you gradually begin increasing the dosage until you can find the correct minimum effective dosage that your body will need. It is advised that the maximum amount of CBD you ingest daily from gummies or tinctures is from 30 up to 40 milligrams.