Where to Buy Cannabis Infused Candy in Canada

Got a sweet tooth? Cannabis-infused candy is a delicious and fun-tastic way to get your daily dose of all the good stuff – THC and CBD. What’s not so fun is finding where to buy these treats and how to choose from the options you have.

Getting your hands on these goodies shouldn’t take up your precious time, so we’re here to help! Just don’t be so surprised by how easy it is to get top-quality candies here in Canada.

Cannabis-Infused Candy: What are they?

Cannabis infused candy is a type of edible that contains cannabis or cannabinoids found in marijuana. It can be in the form of gummies, sour patches, and more. These THC or CBD-packed candies are sometimes also called weed gummies.

In Canada, it is currently legal to buy marijuana gummies from licensed dispensaries. Check with your local government for more information on the laws in your area. You generally do not need a prescription to purchase gummies in Canada.

How much do they cost?

CBD and THC gummies are more expensive than regular gummies but less expensive than marijuana itself. A small bag of weed gummies costs around $22 on average, while the price varies depending on where it is bought.

How is weed candy made?

While getting the gummies to mould is relatively simple, extracting the cannabinoids without breaking them apart takes some effort from weed gummy manufacturers. How do they do it?

The process starts with high-quality flowers which go through butane extraction. This takes out all the good stuff, including terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

A little bit of chemistry here. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, better known as THCA, turns into THC when it is heated (smoking) or decarboxylated (grinding/crushing). This doesn’t happen with edibles because cooking them would destroy all of their potency and flavour.

This means that cannabis extracts must be added to another substance like oil, butter, cream, or alcohol for these foods to become potent enough to produce a “high.”

Differences between edibles and regular buds

Edibles and buds are both used for medicinal and recreational purposes. The former, however, takes more time to take effect than smoking cannabis.

It’s also worth noting that these two terms – edibles and cannabis-infused – don’t always mean the same thing. For example, if you eat some weed brownies, you will feel their effects. But if you eat weed-infused chocolate truffles or gummies, your body may burn off the cannabinoids before they have an impact.

Advantages of cannabis edibles

  1. They are an alternative delivery method for those who are not interested in smoking marijuana.
  2. CBD edibles can be used for medicinal purposes with no risk of second-hand smoke or smoke inhalation.
  3. THC edibles are generally more potent than marijuana. Since cannabinoids are concentrated, you’re essentially getting more bang for your buck.
  4. Since they’re made for eating, cannabis edibles are generally much more palatable.

Disadvantages of cannabis edibles

  1. It’s hard to know the dosage and potency of cannabis edibles, so it may take a few tries to find out what works for you.
  2. Some people don’t like how it tastes or find that the high is too strong.
  3. If you like the flavour, it is easy to lose track of how much cannabis you are consuming. THC edibles are concentrated but come in small, delicious packages.
  4. They come loaded with added sugars and fats that you might not want in your system.

How are weed gummies different from other weed edibles?

Because of their varying compositions, edibles metabolize differently depending on which ones you’re consuming.

Enthusiasts often compare gummies with baked goods and chocolates. The main difference is that both brownies and chocolate tend to contain more fat. Fats protect THC from enzymes, thus allowing the drug to stay for a more extended period in the system.

Weed gummies are not as potent, but they take quicker to make you feel high. They will give you a more mellow and relaxed feeling because – while they have higher THC percentages – they lack the fat to prevent the breakdown of THC in the gut.

To settle the case: if you’re looking for long-lasting effects and a high dose, brownies may be suitable for you. Go for gummies if you want something more steady and discreet.

Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Gummies

While the benefits of weed gummies are similar to other edibles, gummy candies do fill a niche thanks to their unique advantages. These benefits include:

  • Faster to act, faster to dissipate: Weed gummies take effect much more quickly; however, on average last from 1 hour – 2 hours after consumption.
  • Perfect for daytime recreational use: Whereas chocolates and brownies leave you completely stoned, gummies give you that high without overriding primary mental function. This is the go-to for when you want to partake in social events like music festivals or hangouts while also being high.
  • Easy to dose: If you carefully read package instructions and watch your consumption, you can easily manage the amount of THC or CBD you’re consuming. That being said, a lot of people – especially amateurs – get easily carried away by excitement.
  • More options for consumption: Gummy bears and worms are widespread types found on the market today but you can also find other forms such as fruit slices, chocolate bars, and even sour belts!

Types of Weed Candy: THC Edibles vs CBD Edibles

Weed candies come in many different forms. In creating product categories for this type of sweet, it helps to know what drug comprises the bulk of the edible. For starters, cannabis candies are jam-packed with either tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD).

THC gummies

THC gummies are the same as regular THC edibles like brownies and muffins, except that they’re in a gummy form. The THC variant is perfect for those who want to medicate and tranquillity with weed edibles without having to smoke or vape marijuana.

CBD gummies

CBD gummies are candies that contain cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of the leading chemical compounds in cannabis, and unlike THC, it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. It’s mainly used to alleviate pain and anxiety.

The benefits of CBD candies are similar to those of other edibles. Still, CBD candies offer an alternative for people who don’t want to feel overly sedated or drowsy after consuming their weed candy.

Where to Buy Cannabis-Infused Candy

There are different places to buy marijuana edibles in Canada. One option is to purchase straight from the cannabis dispensary near you. Do keep in mind that some dispensaries do not offer gummies and instead sell other kinds of edibles.

To buy weed edibles online in Canada is also an option. There are so many online retailers and suppliers to choose from. This wide selection is both a boon and a bane for many.

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Sweet Selection of Top-Rated Cannabis Gummies at Leafville

Taking the first step in any cannabis choice can be daunting. But pros don’t have it any easier simply because there are so many edibles on the market today.

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More experienced consumers can consume two simultaneously for an improved high profile. For those new to marijuana edibles, we recommend half a gummy first and waiting 45-90 minutes before deciding to re-dose.

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Things to consider before choosing your weed gummies

Find out your dosage tolerance.

One thing you want to think about before deciding on your candy is your tolerance for weed. If you have a high dosage tolerance, it might not be the best idea to start with THC. Instead, you may want to try CBD or another cannabinoid that doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

Look for authentic ingredients.

One downside to edibles is that they aren’t pure like buds. These tasty treats can come with artificial flavours, artificial colours, and chemicals you can’t even pronounce. When buying yours, make sure you read the ingredients list carefully.

Choose high-quality candy

It might not be easy to know whether you’re buying high-quality edibles online without doing some research, but you can use this guide to help.

You want to choose candy with organic ingredients. For example, a high-quality jelly should have gelatin in it instead of pectin or corn syrup (many low-grade gummies contain these).

Another common trait of high-quality candy is that they don’t contain any preservatives like dyes, artificial flavourings, or dyes. This will ensure that you’re only getting the purest products possible.

Check the price tag.

Some of the most important things to look at when purchasing cannabis gummies are the price tag and what you’re getting for your money.

For example, if the price of a package is too low, it may be because they used fillers like pectin or corn syrup instead of gelatin. You might also notice that they have a lot of artificial colours and flavours.

This is why it’s always a good idea to check the ingredients list before buying something just because it’s cheap. That way, you’ll know what you’re getting so you can decide from there whether or not an inexpensive product is worth your hard-earned dollars.

What is the best way to consume weed gummies?

When it comes to cannabis edibles, there are some rules you should follow to make sure the experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

First, don’t eat it on an empty stomach. Your body needs time to break down the edible before it enters your bloodstream. Eating on an empty stomach may increase your feeling of being high because THC will be absorbed more quickly.

Second, keep in mind that edibles take anywhere from 45-90 minutes to kick in. Plan for what you’ll be doing with your time when that happens if you’re eating an edible during the day or early evening hours.

Third, always check the dosage. With edibles, you don’t want to go overboard and feel uncomfortable or unwell for hours on end. Some people may need only a tiny dose of cannabis gummies, while others require larger quantities due to their tolerance level.

Fourth, consider your food sensitivities when taking weed edibles. For example, if you have gluten intolerance, it’s best to choose cannabis gummies that are gluten-free since many companies make them with ingredients like wheat flour and corn syrup.

Finally, eat and relax. Follow the guidelines, and you’re good to go. Don’t let your fears prevent you from getting the high you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions about Edibles

What are the reported side effects of consuming cannabis candies?

The side effects are not only different for each person but also depend on the type of edible. Some common side-effects include feeling tired, dizzy, having difficulty concentrating, exaggeration of senses, increased appetite, and experiencing hallucinations.

I don’t like sweets. Are there weed gummy alternatives out there?

Yes, there are a few different alternatives to THC or CBD edibles. You can find a variety of THC or CBD-infused capsules, tinctures, and drops that you can ingest with a meal or on an empty stomach.

Is it safe for children to consume marijuana edibles?

No. Children are at risk for poisoning when they accidentally consume things like pot brownies and gummies. Parents should keep these tempting sweets out of children’s reach at all times.

Bottom Line

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and have been looking for the best edibles in Canada, Leafville is your one-stop shop. We offer a variety of cannabis-infused candies to give you all types of effects, depending on what kind of experience you want. Browse our online store to find what suits your needs!