Where to Buy Vape Pens in Canada

Vaping has become a norm among many teens and young adults in Canada. Based on a recent survey, about 14% of youth aged 15 to 19 reported having vaped in the past 30 days, and over 35% admitted that they had tried it at some point in their lives. These figures reflect the evolving pop culture in the country and the growing demand for vape pens and cannabis products used to produce a soothing and euphoric vapour. 

Interestingly, the vape market is expanding globally as many consumers shift from cigarette smoking to this new alternative. It offers practical benefits in terms of cost and impact on personal health. But like other products, it also carries some potential risks which users should be aware of. This would translate to choosing the best vape pens in the market and observing certain precautions in using these devices.

More often, consumers would focus on the price and the brand when exploring their choices for vape pens, not to mention the product’s design, reliability, and performance. These standards may provide a certain level of guarantee that the product will serve its intended purpose. However, before following the crowd of vape users, it would be wiser to have your metrics because each product appeals differently to every person.

In this article, we highlight the importance of finding a reputable vape shop and guiding you about the essential matters surrounding the purchase, use, impact, and other information about the product. As you read the following facts, it is best to draw logical conclusions and develop your standards as you begin exploring your choices. 

What is a Vape Pen?

This product was initially designed as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. It targets chain-smokers and people of legal smoking age who are drawn to smoking cigarettes or weeds. Eventually, cannabis vape pens have emerged as a new variation, and many consumers made a shift, looking forward to the benefits that it offers. 

Such consumer behaviour was, in part, attributed to how vape pens were packaged in the mainstream media. Yes, marketing has also triggered the growth of the vape market. But not everyone was convinced, as there are intelligent consumers who carefully examine vape pens’ safety and potential risks.

Today, it’s not new seeing teens and young adults using vape pens in public places. They use the device for recreational purposes and get some delight out of it. Other consumers consider it a need for medical use, especially when they’re consuming cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression, among others.

Oils and concentrates of cannabis products are usually used in this battery-operated device. The compounds are heated instead of burned until they produce an aerosol that the user inhales. Some vape pens may contain flavourings and other chemicals. 

How Vape Pens Work 

Regardless of design and appearance, vape pens function in basically the same way. For instance, a cartridge, pod, or reservoir which holds the cannabis and THC liquid is heated by an atomizer that releases the vapour. Reportedly, there are now over 400 brands of vape pens in the market.

A weed pen or THC oil pen is a relatively simple, two-part electronic device that vaporizes cannabis and THC distillates. They have emerged as a new version of the early vape pens and look like writing pens. Some consumers call this product a cartridge battery because vape pens have a small battery that heats cannabis and THC oil in the atomizer cartridge containing a wick and a heating coil. This heating process transforms concentrates into the vapour that produces high and other desired effects.

Just by pressing the switch button and dragging on the mouthpiece, you can already experience the relief and euphoric feelings that vape pens could offer. The odour is usually faint and dissipates quickly, making the product a more convenient choice in the market today. Suppose you’re currently looking for ideal vape pens. In that case, you may explore great offers at Leafville – a trusted brand for your cannabis needs and other related products, like our Diamond Concentrates Disposable (Distillate) – Gushers (1g) *Limited Edition*.

Getting Started with Vape Pens

Vape pens are classy and trendy, plus you’ll get high in an instant. If this is your reason for buying the product from a vaporizer store, then you’re probably making the right choice. To get started, you first need a THC pen and some cannabis oil or concentrates. These substances are generally sold in pre-filled cartridges, but you can also purchase one separately for refilling your carts. Ideally, a THC oil that comes preloaded into a syringe is preferable among new consumers.

Generally, there are two ways to use a marijuana vape pen. If you choose a pre-filled cartridge for your vaping needs, you can screw it onto the pen and press the button. Another one is through a vape starter kit that includes an empty cart, which you need to fill with oil or distillate to start vaporizing the concentrates. 

As your guide, here are the key pointers to remember when using a vape pen: 

  • Vape pens are designed for cannabis oil and distillate cartridges.
  • If the vape pen has adjustable power, you need to turn it down to its lowest setting and adjust up from that point.
  • The higher the milliamp rating of a vape pen, the more battery life the device has.
  • To avoid any interruption in your session, you need to charge the device before use.
  • Replace the vape pen cartridge when the flavour and performance drop off to maximize the use of cannabis oil.

Main Parts of a Vape Pen

Vape pens are handy and can be used on the go. As a buyer, it is essential to learn the four main parts of the device so that you’ll have a better grasp of how it works.

  • Tank or Cartridge is a refillable container usually made of plastic, steel, or glass where the cannabis oil is vaporized. There are also pre-filled cartridges that can be used until they’re empty and disposed of.  
  • Battery – most vape pens have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the device and heats the concentrate. Some batteries can be activated with the manual press of a button, while other types can be operated just by inhaling. Likewise, rechargeable batteries commonly have a USB charger. If you are using disposable pens, they have a pre-charged battery.
  • Atomizer – this is the heating part that vaporizes the cannabis oil.
  • Mouthpiece – it is the piece through which cannabis oil vapour is inhaled.

How to Fill Vape Pens with Cannabis Oil  

Seriously speaking, it’s a no-brainer to fill the vape pens with cannabis oil and concentrate. But for first-time users, having a guide may be necessary. The process starts by having a syringe containing cannabis oil and an empty cart. It would help if you allowed each layer to settle before adding more substance. Some helpful tips for this job are given below for your advantage:

  • Slowly inject the cannabis oil into the vape pen while making a circular motion with the syringe.
  • Never inject cannabis oil down the central chimney of the vape cartridge.
  • Fill the Cartridge with sufficient oil to cover the wicking holes on the external part of the coil housing.
  • Let the vape cartridge stay in place for at least 30 minutes after filling. Remember that the oil’s high viscosity requires a reasonable amount of time to soak into the wick.

How to Remove Cannabis Oil from Vape Cartridge

Learning how to remove cannabis oil from the device is essential for users because you’ll have to do this process yourself. Although it might be self-explanatory, you probably need a headstart to do it safely and quickly.

In this task, you will need an empty oil cart and a filling syringe with a blunt tip that fits inside your oil cartridge. You may also need to slightly warm up the Cartridge to allow the substance to flow smoothly when you extract it. Here are some steps that you have to follow: 

  • Remove the vape cartridge from the battery to avoid oil leakage in the battery section.
  • Detach the mouthpiece, either by threading or just popping off.
  • For very thick oils and distillates, you need to warm the Cartridge up to transfer oil gently quickly, but avoid overheating the device. 
  • Make sure that the syringe you use has a tip that you can fit inside the Cartridge. Remember that different style carts may require corresponding sized tips.

When to Remove Cannabis Oil from Vape Cartridge 

There are times when vape pens may not function well, primarily when the coil does not operate properly. In this case, you may consider transferring the cannabis oil to another device. To do this properly, you can follow the steps provided in the preceding paragraphs. But to know when it’s time to remove the substance from the device, you need to check the following indicators:

  • Defective vape cartridge, which may be caused by bad coil, clogging, or leaking
  • Insufficient cannabis or THC oil in the vape cartridge to reach the wick
  • Transferring cannabis oil to a different cartridge
  • Want to use THC oil for dabbing or with another vaping device

How to Clean Vape Pens

Most vape pens are two-part designs with a disposable cartridge. This means that cleaning the device is very simple and easy. During this task, your focus is on the connection, ensuring that it’s clean. Cannabis pens usually have a 510-connection or the threading that connects to the Cartridge with the substance. 

You should mainly keep this part clean to ensure that the current is flowing correctly. Keep in mind that a bit of seepage may affect the connection since the THC oil is thick. When it’s left uncleaned, the device may stop functioning. The cleaning process is simple: you have to use a Q-tip and high-strength isopropyl and wipe until clean.

Although cleaning thread will not make a noticeable difference in your everyday vape experience, it still helps prolong the device’s lifespan. That means cleaning the mouthpiece, and 510 threads of the Cartridge should always be taken seriously, no matter how simple and trivial this task may seem.

Practical Benefits of Vape Pens 

Smoking weed in the modern age is different from how people consumed this product to get high a long time ago. With a vape tech, anyone can now inhale the vapour of cannabis and THC and experience the desired effects in just a matter of minutes. This device is portable and comes with practical benefits for consumers. 

You no longer have to fumble for a lighter and smoke weed. All you have to do is take out a vape pen, stuff it with cannabis concentrates or oil and hit the start button. Voila! You can then start inhaling the odourless vapour, which is usually dispelled without clinging to the clothes you have on. The ease of use is just one thing – there’s more! Here are some of the perks if you are using vape pens: 

Vape Pens are Convenient and Versatile to Use 

Whether you’re at home or in the workplace, using vape pens is always possible. The device can be transported anywhere – may it be indoors or outdoors. It won’t upset anyone since there are no smoke odours as you’re only inhaling vapours. You won’t have to worry about bothersome elements that would otherwise be present when you’re smoking the weed. Once you’re done inhaling the vaporized contents, all you do next is put the vape pen in its place and continue doing your business for the day. 

Vape Pens Produce Consistent Doses 

Compared with smoking and dabbing weeds, inhaling vaporized cannabis and THC may be better in terms of dosing. Although the effects may last shorter than consuming it in edible forms, you can always decide how much you take through your nose. It’s been proven that concentrates tend to have a higher level of terpenes and cannabinoids, which means the high may feel a lot different. This effect, coupled with consistent dosing, may aid users to achieve optimum performance from cannabis products, which is less likely to occur in other cannabis forms or consumption methods. 

Vape Pens Offer Longevity 

Based on everyday experience, using vape pens can produce euphoric effects during and after the duration of inhaling the vapours. This one’s difference is compared with weed flower varieties that can lose their potency and taste in a shorter time. It offers a guarantee that the effects would last longer due to the potency of cannabis concentrates. This can be a practical advantage among users who want a long-lasting experience. After all, that’s what the device is made for. 

Vape Pens Provide a Variety of Options 

As a customer, having more options for the products you want to buy is an advantage. You can examine their features and decide based on your criteria. For instance, you can select a type of vape cartridge that comes with specific weed strains stored in them. Many of these variations are colour-coded, which will guide you on which one to buy – whether Indica, Sativa or Hybrid. Some companies produce cannabis concentrates and provide vape cartridges to consumers, especially those who want quick treatment for an injury or pain relief. 

Vape Pens are Cost-Effective 

Price matters, but so do the benefits. Some vape pens may seem expensive to you, but when you judge the cost according to the benefits that it brings, you get the proper perspective. This means that you don’t have to look at the product’s price alone when you do the shopping. Most of the time, what matters is the value that it gives to your life. Vape pens are just a tiny investment. But they are pretty helpful in various aspects as much as your cannabis needs are concerned. You may consider shopping at our store, Leafville, where you can find affordable products like herbal vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, vape juice and our Diamond Concentrates Disposable (Distillate) – Zkittlez (1g) *Limited Edition*.

Vape Pens are Discreet 

One thing that prevents users from smoking weeds in public places is the odour of the smoke. But through cannabis vaping, this hassle is eliminated. You can consume cannabis and THC on the go, anywhere you are. You can even notice some students getting high in schools. The discreet characteristics of vape pens are undeniably a massive advantage to some groups of consumers. Interestingly, the smell of vapour is also far less pungent than the smell of burning cannabis flowers. Inhaling vapours through vape pens may go undetected even in public places under usual circumstances.

Vape Pens are Less Harmful 

Studies reveal that when cannabis is combusted, the inhaled smoke contains at least 100 toxins that may cause cancer. Gladly, with vaporizers, the weed substance is not heated to the point of combustion or burning, preventing users from getting exposed to harmful toxins. Another notable finding is that using a vaporizer instead of smoking weed has improved the condition of people with existing lung conditions. At this time, more research is needed to confirm recent findings of vape pens and their effects on health. 

Vape Pens are Classy and Clean

Interestingly, some consumers want to go with the trend. Younger people would usually buy vape pens to feel some belonging to their peers. This device has become part of pop culture in some countries. Some people even consider it as a status symbol. The classy look of vape pens is undeniably a hit for many users. More than that, the easy-to-clean parts of the device allow users to use it for a more extended period, thus reducing the cost of repurchasing. Vape pens only produce vapour – no smoke, no mess, no ash. And that’s another feature that matters. 

Disadvantages of Using Vape Pens

Vape Pens Entail Initial Cost

Cannabis vaping is excellent, significantly if it adds value to your life. But one thing that might become an issue in using this device is the initial cost that you have to pay. You will be forced to buy a vape pen to fit into your circle or enjoy the excellent recreational and medical benefits. Still, regardless of the varying prices, this may be justified by all the perks that you’ll get. Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective. 

Vape Pens are Rechargeable 

You can look at this feature both ways: an advantage and a disadvantage. Let’s focus on the latter here since you might be more concerned about recharging the device now and then. There are instances when you’re outdoors that the vape pen may run out of battery and die. You may never be able to use the product and enjoy the effects in that case. Hence, consumers are advised to choose high-end products that have longer battery life. It saves time and disappointment. 

Vape Pens Require General Maintenance

To maintain the excellent condition of a vape pen and maximize its use, you need to clean it regularly. You can follow the steps discussed above for this purpose. While this may entail time and effort, it will be worth it when you get the best vaping experience. However, for some users, this may be another job for their busy schedules. When the device is just put aside without proper cleaning, it might not function well. You might be forced to buy a new one if that happens. 

Vape Pens May Not Guarantee Potent Effects

Unlike other methods of consuming cannabis, like edibles, vaping the substance may not be as potent. Vaping has been described as a cleaner high, and some people believe that its overall effects are lighter than smoking. This could be a disadvantage only for consumers who want to get hit hard or those looking for high potency. For some users, this is an excellent alternative to control the intake of cannabis and THC components. 

Vape Pens are Associated with Certain Health Risks 

There are some concerns about the possible effects of cannabis vaping on the overall health of the users. Some people think it’s not a healthy option to consume weeds. One major issue with the cannabis concentrate oil used in vaping cartridges is the chemicals used during the extraction and thinning. Raw cannabis oil in its natural state is usually thick and viscous for consumption. Thinning agents are commonly used to turn it into a runnier and more liquid form, but they may have adverse effects. 

As you can draw from the preceding facts, there are more pros to cannabis vaping and some cons. The most common argument that favours vaping is grounded on the convenience and discreteness of the device. Likewise, many consumers agree that vape pens are preferable because they have less harmful effects than smoking weed. After all, the cannabis and THC are heated rather than burned. Nevertheless, consulting professionals like Health Canada is good to ensure that vaping cannabis is safe for you.

The Right Dosage for Vaping Cannabis 

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about the correct dosage of cannabis for you. Gladly, you don’t have to worry about this thing because it’s entirely individual. Meaning it all depends on how much vapour can produce your desired effects. However, there are also parameters to find the most beneficial dose, and such factors as tolerance, body weight, and potential effects are considered.

Generally, cannabis vapes provide fast-acting relief, helping you to determine your preferred dose more quickly. This method usually delivers .01% of the total CBD concentration with a short puff, but it also varies from each user depending on the rate or intensity of inhales. The vape pen that you’re using can also affect the effects that you will experience.

Experts would often advise starting slow with any cannabis consumption to determine the correct dosage gradually. For instance, in using vape pens, you can have short puffs and set the cannabis vape down until you notice the difference in how you feel. This would require a conscious effort of observing and analyzing your mood in a few hours after inhaling CBD and THC. If you become more focused and giggly or develop a more positive mindset, you indeed have the answer.

More people are now using CBD vape pens to alleviate stress-related symptoms and other health concerns. You may have the same reason in mind, or probably you want to feel high after a challenging day at school or work. Regardless of your motives, vape pens are undeniably a blessing for many individuals as it provides practical benefits more than other products do. You’ll agree when you’ve been using this device for a while already. 

Where to Buy Quality Vape Pens

Many cannabis dispensaries across Canada are selling a wide variety of vape pens. You may also opt for an online store to simplify the whole process. Seriously, there are plenty of choices. But what’s difficult is to find a seller that has a good reputation in the industry.

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Rest assured of your advantage when you shop at Leafville because the company holds its suppliers to the highest level of standards for cannabis products, including vape pens. All orders that we receive have a specific tracking number to ensure that you check your items while being processed for free shipping and delivery. We have a professional commerce system that makes it fast and safe for everyone to add products in the cart to order their chosen items.

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