Island Pink Strain Review

If you’re a fan of Indica dominant hybrids, then you’ll love the Island Pink Strain. This insanely delicious cultivar of the already-delectable Pink Kush delivers hard-hitting effects perfect for your evening getaway.

What’s even better is that its buds are beautiful with their vivid hot pink hairs. Sweet florals mired in fresh vanilla give the flower a uniquely aromatic quality. The island experience you’ve dreamt of.

Of course, we’re just teasing you. There’s much more to unpack with this fantastic strain. Let’s dive right into the review.

Island Pink Kush: An Overview

The Island Pink Kush, also known as simply Island Pink, is an Indica dominant strain (80% Indica/70% Sativa) that hails from the delectable lineage of the Pink Kush. This strain packs a potent punch while tasting delicious like its predecessors. Those who seek a classic indica high without sacrificing flavour will find the Island Pink to be the perfect source of comfort.

Blessed by gorgeous buds, this Indica-dominant hybrid features nugs with vivid hot pink hairs coated by resin-rich and sugar-like trichomes. Pull apart each sticky nug to release a fresh flowery skunk almost reminiscent of candy perfume.

Like its Pink Kush parent, Island Pink tastes sweet vanilla and earthy skunk when smoked. The delicious flavour makes this strain particularly attractive to first-timers who aren’t used to pungent strains.

But don’t take this strain lightly. Behind its insanely gorgeous appearance and great taste lie a powerful yet great smoke. Island Pink holds a staggering 24-27% THC percentage – a whole lot more than your usual Indica strains.

The Island Pink Kush high can be addictive, just like the strain’s flavour. Its onset brings the user into hazy bliss that’s equally cerebral and euphoric. As you climb higher and higher with its lifted and relaxing effects, a slightly tingly body sensation creeps up from behind.

On the comedown, you’ll find yourself in a state of absolute and pure relaxation. Thanks to its 80 Indica-20 Sativa ratio, the Island Pin Kush makes an ideal medical marijuana candidate. Patients suffering from anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain will appreciate the powerful body-focused effects of this strain.

An Indica-dominant hybrid strain with delicious genetics

Take a spin on the Mean Girls classic: we smoke Pink on Wednesdays!

Whether you’re looking to sleep soundly during midweek or find ways to spend the weekend better, the Island Pink Kush makes a lovely companion. And this strain’s got much to owe to its genetics: a potent amalgamation of the classic Pink Kush and another unknown Indica hybrid strain (some theorize this parent to be the Island Sweet Skunk).

When you combine anything with Pink Kush, what you get is an insanely mouthwatering strain — equal parts vanilla candy and equal parts floral.

And just like its parent, the Island Pink Kush looks almost devilishly impeccable. This girl-next-door strain flaunts the total package: bright green buds and pink hairs that pop out here and there like some personality trait.

Each smoke will guarantee pure happiness at the sight, taste, and high. With a strain that’s this tasty and pretty, no wonder she’s beloved by the cannabis community!

Island Pink Kush Potency

Many Pink Kush cultivars have a THC content of 5-15%, and those that are indica-heavy tend to have a THC concentration of 5-15%. Island Pink, however, holds a record high THC content of 24% and more! 

It’s no surprise that Pink Island is far more popular than other Pink Kush varieties. Canadians are looking for more powerful marijuana, which they can get with this strain. That’s precisely what Pink Island Kush is all about.

Only THC is present in Island Pink Kush. On average, the strain contains 25% THC, but some growers have managed to rake it up to 27%. Thanks to this excellent potency, many potheads have taken up this hard-hitter for medical purposes.

Island Pink Kush Effects

Any indica lover will recognize the classic indica high you get with this Island Pink Kush. Its primarily Indica genetics, coupled with a high THC content, makes for potent effects in even small doses. Let’s break it down from start to finish.

One your first few huffs, the effects come almost instantly. She’s preppy, and she’s on the go. Pink Islands high is fast-acting and potent, with immediate effects on both the body and mind.

A sudden feeling of cerebral euphoria overwhelms the smoker. Thoughts become quicker and sharper in mind, thus encouraging a surge of creative energy. At the same time, you’re launched into a state of bliss and pure happiness — it’s cloud nine up in here.

As your huffing advances, so do the indica effects. Your body will begin to feel heavy step-by-step. A tingly sensation creeps into your body and mind. Thoughts and emotions that appeared vividly at the onset slowly stretch out and drift into space.

Before you know this, this indica body high has taken over your overall disposition. Don’t be startled when you find yourself couch-locked. Your mind finally settles and what’s left is a state of absolute zen and inner peace.

Pink Island’s effects are perfect for kicking back with friends, thanks to its hybrid nature. They’re both powerful and intense, demonstrating just how potent this unique strain is. We can’t recommend this enough for the nights when you want to sit back, watch the sunset, and fall asleep with good company. 

Possible side effects

This strain has a high ratio of Indica and can induce feelings of sedation and relaxation. It may also cause dry mouth, dizziness, and cottonmouth.

Other common side effects may include the following:

  • paranoia and anxiety
  • heightened blood pressure
  • increase heart rate
  • feeling of nausea
  • headaches
  • loss of motor skills

To avoid these side effects, make sure to start with a low dose and wait at least an hour before increasing your intake. If you can’t handle the effects, make sure not to drive or operate heavy machinery as Pink Island Kush may cause drowsiness.

Island Pink Kush Aroma

We warn you: you won’t stop sniffing Island Pink Kush Buds. The reason — they smell utterly delicious.

The complex aroma of this strain combines notes of flower, skunky, and even sweet vanilla. Breaking apart these nugs will reveal an even more mouthwatering scent that’s equally pungent, vanilla-y, and sweet.

Of course, the kind of florals you get from this top-notch strain recalls its parent – the Pink Kush. The bud’s perfume-like qualities translate beautifully into smoke — incensing the space with hints of both pungent skunk and vanilla perfume.

Island Pink Kush Flavor

If we had to choose the best quality of the Indica-dominant hybrid, it’s flavour. We’re not surprised to find ourselves quite literally gushing over this Island Pink Kush as devoted fans of the toothsome classic Pink Kush.

The Island Pink beholds a flavour profile that rivals its already heralded genetics. Each smoke tantalizes the taste buds with a sweet vanilla candy overtone juxtaposed by hints of pungent skunk. Lean into the flavour a little more to uncover complex earthy and spicy notes.

There’s a kind of dichotomy with the Island Pink smokes. You guys will taste sweet florals and vanilla, but you’ll also pick up skunk and earth. Some smokers have even reported spicy tasting undertones — don’t say we didn’t warn you.

But despite the conflicting natures of these profiles, everything works out — almost all too well. Flavor-wise, dare we say that the Island Pink is one of our favourite strains? Yes, we certainly do!

Island Pink Kush Appearance

Can’t this strain stop winning? It can’t! As if getting top marks on the “strong” and “flavour” categories isn’t enough, the Island Pink Kush also leads the race for most beautiful buds.

What’s most striking about this strain is the melange of colours you see even at first glance. Pink hairs burst from a sea of shaped-shaped neon green buds. Snowy, crystals trichomes blanket each sticky little nugget — a classic omen of good resin production.

Dense clusters of rich, purple leaves and vibrant THC crystals conceal the tightly-wrapped luscious buds of this strain. An overall elongated and cylindrical structure gives this Pink Island Kush a sense of premium intricacy — a fitting finish to a sheer marijuana masterpiece.

Island Pink Kush Benefits

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Island Pink is euphoric and potent. It’s a strain that has earned a reputation for being extremely strong and completely enjoyable. The high can be described with words like “euphoric,” cerebral,” or even “couch-locking.”

Island Pink is a great medical marijuana choice for treating chronic pain, several mood disorders, and even insomnia. That being said, it can be considered overpowering for newbies – likely so due to the 25% (on average) THC content it holds. Dose wisely!

Ideal for pain relief

The Pink Island Kush, in addition to providing intense physical relaxation and euphoria, can help with chronic pain. Those who suffer from medical problems that cause constant discomfort may find solace in this hard-hitter.

This strain is popular among medical consumers to help with headaches, stubborn migraines, nausea, and appetite loss. Just a few breaths will help you relax.

Combats sleeplessness and insomnia

Pink Island is a beautiful Indica bud with substantial effects against sleeplessness and restlessness. The high from this indica-dominant hybrid lasts for a few hours before mellowing out, leaving you feeling relaxed and couch-locked.

This strain is ideal for those long, stressful days when you want to let go of all your concerns and immerse yourself in a world fueled by THC’s powers.

Keeps depression and anxiety at bay

The intense cerebral buzzes and deeply soothing body melts of the Pink Island Kush are determined by how much you have consumed. This drug is an excellent option for treating anxiety disorders, depression, and chronic stress.

The Island Kush is a fantastic way to unwind and reset your senses at the end of the day. Stress will melt away with this strain’s huge power to produce euphoria!

Combats loss of appetite

The Island Pink Kush can help boost your appetite in two days. First off, the strain tastes delicious. Its dessert-like flavours will make you want to have a sumptuous meal before or after each smoking session.

Secondly, its high THC content inherently combats the effects of cancer or AIDS treatment like appetite loss. This helps the user to gain weight and nourish their body.

Island Pink Kush Growing

The popularity of Island Pink is reflected in its hefty price tag. Despite the high cost, this strain has a distinct flavour that sets it apart from the rest. Many potheads have taken on the challenge of growing their batch of this lovely strain.

Luckily, the Island Pink is relatively easy to grow and maintain. It’s surprisingly immune to most common molds and parasites, and it even comes with a high yield. Your choice of indica flower can take a long time to flower when compared to other strains, but the fragrant plant will make it worth your while.

Island Pink will take about 10-11 weeks to flower when grown indoors. Though harvest requires patience, those who press on will be rewarded with a sizable yield of about 18 oz per square meter.

When grown outdoors, you can expect to get an even greater yield. About 25 ounces of fresh, aromatic flowers should be ready by early fall (or around Late October).

Where to Buy Island Pink Kush

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If you want more than just highs, if you’re the type to go for the complete package, then the Island Pink strain is the bud to bring home. Not only is it potent — it’s damn delicious too!

Unwinding after work just got even more euphoric with these fragrant and flavorful buds. Its effects won’t leave you feeling too dazed and confused but still pack a punch that can leave you in bed-hugging bliss.

And did we forget to mention that it tastes ungodly luscious? Each smoke brings sweet vanilla flavours that blend beautifully with a pungent skunk, spice, and complex florals.

With its sweet taste on exhale coupled with fast-acting yet long-lasting Indica effects, this weed will leave you feeling satisfied to the core. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, be sure to give our dispensary website a visit today!

We have plenty of other strains with different effects or benefits that may suit your needs better than what we’ve discussed here. Happy browsing!